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The Existential Universe Mapper

Reflexive Lenses and Change Mantras offers a one day orientation workshop by Ashok Malhotra, on the Existentia

What is EUM?

The Existential Universe Mapper (EUM), developed by Mr. Ashok Malhotra, is both a framework and a suite of tools for understanding and working with individuals and organisations.


It is Inspired by Clare Graves’ theory of levels of existence, and has strong resonance with Indian approaches of pluralism, pattern recognition, non-linearity and holism. It rests on the premise that each individual is a dynamic configuration of multiple elements. The nature of this configuration is significantly impacted by the context to which the individual belongs. Consequently, it is futile to try and understand people in terms of frozen categories of personality types and traits. Instead, it is more meaningful to decipher the patterns of feelings, thoughts and action which underlie behaviour.


This approach helps in facilitating a dialogue and exploration for the individual. The focus is on fostering the untapped potential of the individual, rather than placing him/her in a fixed category. The same approach is deployed in working with groups, teams and organisations.


Till date EUM has been used in over 100 organisations and has profile data of over 6000 individuals.It is widely used for coaching and leadership development, group facilitation, management andorganisational development. Change Mantras is also using the EUM in collaboration with Reflexive Lenses for Partnership Brokerage.


About the Workshop

EUM workshop is a 1 daynon-residential workshop. 

The workshop will offer the following:

  1. A basic orientation on the EUM framework
  2. Explaining its use with individuals and organisations for development.
  3. Discussing its scope of use  by people in different professions and fields of work – in corporate organisations, social sector, SMEs and large organisations or other kinds of services.
  4.  A free personal report for each participant


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Who should attend:

This program is ideally suited for consultants, leaders, facilitators, executive / life coaches, therapists, human resource/ training professionals, organisation directors & managers, behavioral scientistsand social workers.

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