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Analysing qualitative data for easing recruitment processes/research

Would you like to go beyond the numbers from a survey? Do you deal with non-numerical data in a day to day basis? If you’ve answered “yes” to the previous questions, or just have completed a large surveying activity, forum conversation or just have a large amount of written feedback and comments to make sense of, then you might need to utilize qualitative analysis techniques.

Qualitative analysis refers to the analysis of the intangible factors of an organization. This approach covers the crucial part that cannot be covered by the machines. The qualitative analysis focuses on examining non- measurable statistics, for instance, goodwill of the company, reputation of the brand, customer's satisfaction, stakeholder's opinions etc.

Unpacking large amounts of qualitative data can be a daunting task but with a little preparation and some simple steps, drawing insights from you data can be made just that little bit easier.

Our programme offers a range focus group discussions, repertory grid interview, attributional coding methods etc. to collect categories and draw inferences from subjective statements by respondents.

At the end of the programme, participants would be able to-
1. Use qualitative data collection tools like interview, focus group, sociometry, interactional process analysis etc.
2. Collate and categorize qualitative data
3. To build and scale up skills on analyzing qualitative data
4. Draw inferences about the organizational processes underlying the data.

For whom:
1. Social science researchers
2. OD and L&D consultants and professionals
3. People into impact assessment of programmes
4. Consultants into capacity building of people
5. Those involved in researching and documenting community interventions

** Does not need to be skilled or trained as a researcher / Participants can be from any sectors

Final Programme Details: A 2.5 days non-residential program. It will cover broadly these analysis techniques: Content Analysis of Verbal expression, Repertory Grid interview, Attributional Coding, Focus Group Discussions, Interactional Process Analysis and Sociometry.
Post programme support: Online consultation would be offered to interested participants who wish to apply the learning at work.

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