Collaborative Projects

We the Leaders

  • Leadership development programme for a group of grassroots social organisation leaders to help them build their capacities in organisational and programme sustainability development.


    • Roop is a facilitator and coach, a Process Facilitator, Personal Growth and Systems Coach by training. He is the co-founder of Sanjog, a social impact organisation and Change Mantras, an organisation that offers support on leadership, group and organisational development. Roop is also the Executive Director of Sumedhas, Academy of Human Context, an organisation that works to foster human processes.

    • Uma is a psychologist and an expert in psychosocial research and programmes for collectives, communities and organisatons. She is the winner of GIFEW Woman of the Year, 2021 and an Ashoka Fellow, 2022. Uma is the Executive Director and co-founder of Sanjog, a social impact organisation that has won the Thomson Reuters Stop Slavery Award for polcy impact in 2021. She is a co-founder of Change Mantras, and specialises in working on Leadership Resilience.

    • Ashok is the author of EUM framework and an Organisation Consultant. Ashok is a researcher at heart, a gifted teacher and communicator, an insightful observer of human processes and a consultant who facilitates organic evolution of organisations. He is also one of the Founder members of Sumedhas, Academy of Human Context and Director on the boards of many Indian companies. Ashok is the founder of Reflexive Lenses, an organisation that is dedicated to strengthen the use and praactice of EUM in management, organisational and leadership development.

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