Programme Offerings


Training workshops on Child protection policies and guidelines to protect children from violence and abuse.

Organisational Development: Assistance to organisations that engage with children (schools, child rights organisations, creches, social clubs, or edutainment businesses, including online services) in building Child Protection Policies and Child Safeguarding Policies that ensure safety and protection to children and prevent child abuse. 

Each organisation is a unique environment and has unique ways of engaging with children either as users of its services or technologies.Whether your organisation already has a policy or is looking to develop one, we can support you at any stage.

ChildWise policy advisory services range from expert advice on your existing child protection policy, to full support to develop an effective child protection and safeguarding policy or strategy and desk tools to help you implement it.

We can help you develop systems, processes and tools that;

  • Protect children in your organisation’s care
  • Children who use your services or technologies
  • Build capacities of your managers and staff to actualise the policy and build organisational culture that is child friendly
  • Provide guidance to the management in the event of suspected abuse
  • Help you build child protection committees in your organisation that are ready to respond to complaints and reports swiftly, confidently and responsibly
  • Help the system take measures to respond efficiently in the event that an allegation is made

Demonstrate your organisation’s commitment to children, while ensuring public confidence in your safe practices.

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