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Awakening the Fool

Theatre based workshop to help people overcome their personal psychological barriers

We all have a Fool in us. This Fool, in all of us, is someone who is uncomplicated and takes things at face value. It is that part of us that is most simple, naive, not very ‘intelligent’, not quick at learning the ways of the world and rules of games. In fact, it is quite bad at playing games.

Awakening the Fool in us often leads us to being cheated, betrayed and duped. How many times have we said to ourselves - ‘how foolish I was to have trusted that person, who cheated and lied to me, who betrayed my trust?’. And we resolve never to be foolish, never to be naive, never to be trusting so that no one can make us feel stupid about. We wish to banish Awakening the Fool in us, lock it up and never want anyone to see Awakening the Fool in us.

But Awakening the Fool is also that part of us which helps us trust. In banishing Awakening the Fool, we lose our ability to trust, we turn vigilant - always alert who might cheat us, who might betray us. Even in our closest relationships, with our loved ones, we would protect ourselves from harm, because the essential belief is ‘if you are not watching, you will be hurt’. So, we also need Awakening the Fool to be able to love, to be able to trust, build relationships with our friends, family, colleagues and neighbours, that are safe, relationships that will protect us from feeling alone, isolated, paranoid.

So, how can I make friends with Awakening the Fool enough to know how to protect him/her from being cheated? How can I learn to respect and value Awakening the Fool so that s/he may help us retain and foster our innocence and vulnerability?

Awakening the Fool is a 3 day experiential workshop designed by ChangeMantras, a firm that helps leadership development in people with their psychological growth so that they can discover who they are in their fullness. This theatre-based workshop is useful for people from all walks of life, and their experiential learning and insights will help them work with their own psychological barriers that may be hindering their creativity, interpersonal relationships, their ability to dream and make their professional and personal lives meaningful for themselves.

Vandana Menon and Roop Sen are passionate about working with people and organisations. Vandana has a 25 year experience of working with executives, managers and leaders in the corporate sector, with entrepreneurs in the SME space and non profits. Roop is a founding member of 2 organisations, one that provides research, facilitation and training services to organisations in social and corporate sector. He also is founding member of a non profit called Sanjog - which focusses on systems strengthening and leadership development in people and organisations to combat violence and exploitation of people. Both Vandana and Roop are qualified and experienced Process Workers and are Fellows of Sumedhas. They are passionate Fools and wish to enliven Fools around the world.

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