Programme Offerings

A PoSH Act

Trainings/ workshops on Gender, sexuality and inclusivity in the workspace.

Change Mantras offers assistance to organisations working in corporate and social sectors to enable managements of companies take measures to make workplaces inclusive, lively and safe for its employees and members. As workplaces bring together people coming from diverse cultures, social and cultural backgrounds, of different genders and orientations, organisations have to respond to needs of building a culture that builds systems and processes that prevents abuse of power, transgressions and sexual harassment at the workplace.

Change Mantras provides the following assistance to organisations to build safe and inclusive workplaces:

  • (a) Assists organisations to build sexual harassment policies that are compliant with the Prevention of Sexual Harassment Act, 2013, and that are customised to the nature of business, organisational context and demands of the workforce.
  • (b) Helps in formation of the Internal Complaints Committees.
  • (c) Provides trainings to ICC members and the senior management of the company to implement the Sexual Harassment Policy.
  • (d) Creates a communication policy on Sexual Harassment, and communication tools and pathways to build awareness in employees about the policy and procedures.
  • (e) Helps the organisation to generate a Code of Conduct that is in alignment with the nature of business and its demands, vision, mission and culture of the organisation and the aspirations of making the culture diverse, inclusive and safe for all its internal customers.
  • (f) Conducts audits on implementation and effectiveness of Sexual Harassment Policies and Policies on Diversity and Inclusion.

The portfolio is managed by:

Uma Chatterjee: a psychologist by training, Uma has a 2 decade long experience in working on gender based violence, disability rights and is a skilled trainer and facilitator. She is in the boards of ICC of organisations from the corporate and social sectors.

Vinti Mehta: an organisational consultant who has a deep experience of working in the corporate sector. She is a skilled facilitator and trainer, and runs her own consulting business, and partners with Change Mantras on this programme.

Roop Sen: A process worker and facilitator, who has a two decade long research experience on studying sexuality, gender and protection issues in organisations and communities.

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