Personal Growth, Leadership and Coaching

We offer the following services to aid the development of organisations

The programmes offer development of self-awareness, enabling you to discover your unique leadership style and how to expand your Self to lead systems and people. The programmes enables you to cope with uncertainties involved in leading an organisation, cope with disappointments and stresses and realise your dreams and vision for yourself as a leader in your family, organisation and community.

We conduct exclusive leadership programmes for women, that helps women leaders discern their core identities and values that may often be challenged in male-driven patricentric systems and organisations, and help them develop and articulate persuasion and negotiation skills to challenge patriarchal values and beliefs that insidiously are assumed and argued as self-evident truths.

Trainers and coaches are trained and certified in process work and professional and life coaching. Some of the upcoming offerings are:
    • My World of Impossible Dreams
    • TheThresholds: Managing Transitions
    • Awakening the Fool: Unlock the Potential of Your Vulnerability

    You can find out more about these offerings in the Programme Offerings section of our website.