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Not So Depressing Conversations

Depression is often considered a complex topic by people. It is intimidating to some, melancholic to others. There are others yet who do not want to be associated with the clinical aspect of depression. ChangeMantras has come up with a way to combat all these metaphorical walls through its adda-esque offering, the Not So Depressing Conversations.

The Not So Depressing Conversations, a video-podcast anchored by Ahmed Karim, Snigdha Nautiyal and Roop Sen, navigates through questions and reflections on how depression is a living experience for all of us at some point in our lives, and what is means to experience it, to listen to it, and to encounter it as an uninvited guest. The purpose of the series is to demystify Depression as it is often stigmatised as a disease, objectified like a state of chemical imbalance born out of nowhere, and where people affected by depression are believed to be requiring a fix. These sessions will generate dialogues about Depression and its legacy, by starting conversations in a fun manner.

The 8-episode long series, encompassing November 2020 - May 2021, will involve Ahmed, Snigdha and Roop along with varied guests participating in robust discussions on the following themes:

  • The difference between a medical model and a psychosocial frame of reference, and how depression is a cause and consequence of both. And therefore, social responses towards depression - either explaining suicides as depression consequences or explaining them as psychosocial failures, and the polarising debates therein - are misinformed
  • Depression amongst high achievers and leaders - often, people are surprised by how someone with wealth, popularity or success could be depressed. People in senior ranks in organisations or politics are often more vulnerable to closeting their depression because of fears of consequence to their families, organisations or teams. Students who are high achievers are often vulnerable to depression for the fear of failure
  • Behaviours associated and dissociated with depression - amongst the myths around depression are beliefs that depression behaviours are of sadness, isolation, crying etc., and jovial, outgoing and extroverted behaviours are not associated with depression
  • The resilience framework and its link with depression.

If you wish to understand depression, not from a clinical point of view but from a lived experience, please write to us at

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