Research and Assessments

We offer the following services to aid the development of organisations

Migrations: ChangeMantras has an expertise in conducting researches on migrations – including displacement, forced migration, human trafficking (for forced labour, sexual exploitation and other forms of violence), assistance strategies for exploited migrants or trafficked people, effectiveness of law and policies that impact migrations and human trafficking. In India, Bangladesh and Nepal, we conduct researches in policy development and legal reform, for organisations to build strategies of assistance programmes for affected populations, on access to compensations, legal aid, trauma management and access to services for recovery and rehabilitation. We offer organisations and agencies proven tools and methodologies that help organise data and evidence, for advocacy, campaigns, awareness building and litigations.

Mental Health and Resilience: ChangeMantras has mental health professionals with expertise in conducting research on mental health and resilience building. These researches are useful for organisations who wish to strengthen access to recovery services for affected populations, that can be conducted in the grassroots without causing distress and secondary trauma, tools that are fit for affected people to participate and lead the research and organise data to create evidence on access to services, services required and strategies on building resilience of affected populations.

Evaluations, impact assessments: Particularly for projects on migrations, human trafficking and mental health, ChangeMantras conducts one off and long term MEL consultancies to assist organisations strengthen project designs and build capability of management and implementing teams.